Voice Commands and Mobile Phone

Voice Text Messaging

An emerging new technology, voice text messaging operates in a similar fashion as standard mobile texting, but comes with a fresh new twist. Voice text messaging relies on voice commands, which means there’s no need to thumb through a cumbersome phone pad to send messages. Say goodbye to typing. All you need to do is talk and you can stay in touch with numerous contacts while multitasking. Go ahead and send text messages as you drive, travel, run errands-even while jogging.

Here’s an overview of how voice text messaging works. You shouldn’t need to purchase any new equipment, software, or have to switch service providers. To send a voice text, do the following: tell your voice control operator the name of the person you need to message. Soon you’ll hear an audio prompt telling you to begin your voice text. Now verbalize your message and the voice control operator will relay it your contact’s mobile inbox.

Voice to email

If you haven’t heard, voice to email technology lets you send email without typing or accessing a computer. Like voice text messaging, voice to email also relies on voice commands. With email now firmly entrenched in daily life, voice to email technology is fast proving its worth. It’s an easy and efficient way to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. Voice to email also works with your existing mobile phone, so the technology travels with you.

Here’s how it works. Anytime you need to send a voice email, just say so. Then tell your voice control assistant the name of the person you need to email. Next begin recording you message. Once completed, you’ll have two voice commands to select from: listen or send. Say listen if you’d like to hear the message you’ve just recorded, or send if it’s ready to go. Choose the latter and your voice to email message arrives in the target recipient’s inbox in a near instant. Voice command technology is poised to revolutionize text messaging and mobile communication, with the aforementioned technology just a fraction of what’s possible.